• Training Programs

    During the last year 2013, ICQ implemented about 190 training programs attended by 3,000 participants from the private and public sectors.

    The training programs conducted by ICQ training professional national and international trainers.

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  • United Registrar of Systems

    The ROS group consists of a variety of registrar brands including Registrar of Standards ROS, United Registrar of Systems URS, and Global Registrar GRI.

    In order to become registered/certificated company against a recognized scheme should go through the following

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  • Direct English

    Direct English is one of the most effective English language programs in the world. Provided by the Linguaphone Group, a global leader in language training based in the UK, its unique methodology helps thousands of people learn the vital international language of business and communication - English. And the numbers keep on growing.

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Upcoming Programs

The training programs conducted by ICQ training professional national and international trainers.

Date Programs Durations Venue
2017-04-25 القيادة الابداعية والمهارات الاشرافية المتقدمة لمشرفي ورؤساء الاقسام 7 Days DUBAI
2017-04-25 Production Management and Material Requirements Planning 3 Days ICQ
2017-04-23 Legal Risks and Good Governance for Central Banks 3 Days ICQ
2017-04-23 تحليل السيولة النقدية 3 Days ICQ
2017-04-18 AutoCAD - 1 3 Days ICQ
2017-04-18 تنمية مهارات عمل مسح الاراضي 3 Days ICQ
2017-04-17 Mastering People Management & Team Leadership 7 Days Oman
2017-04-16 اسلوب تطبيق إستراتيجية 6 سيجما لتصنيف الاداء 3 Days ICQ
2017-04-16 Certified Marketing Manager 10 Days ICQ
2017-04-16 الادارة المتقدمة للمستودعات والمخازن والرقابة على المخزون 3 Days ICQ

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