ICQ capacity to manage a complex projects:

ICQ brings together the latest international management thinking and business strategies, using
them to transform personal, team and organizational performance.
Through the years, we implemented a number of constancies, and complex projects, we managed to
handle the stress in time and budget and personnel to provide quality services without affect the
structure of the organization. Our management team and staff capable to handle multiple tasks
keeping in mind standards quality of services e provide.
At ICQ we can boast a proven record of working with blue chip clients for more than 9 years. Our
wide ranges of clients, both in public and private sectors represent a variety of business such as
Telecom industry, Oil, Gas and petrochemical industries, Banks and Financial Institutions Ministries
and governmental Bodies. Our international experience has given us a clear understanding of how
business operate on strategic, tactical and culture level, and at all stages of organization
ICQ offers regularly scheduled courses, seminars and workshops. Programs are continuously
reviewed ensuring that the content is the latest and therefore provide delegates and their
organizations with competitive advantage. The majority of our courses are delivered as workshop
offering practical tuition, using problems that are characteristically occurring in practice.

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