Who We Are

The International Center for quality (ICQ) is a leading Consultancy firm, specialized in Management consultancy and Human resource development, world class training solutions provider. Established in the United Arab Emirate, and became one of the most important specialized centers in the Arab world.

ICQ training was designed to deliver measurable impact and sustainable change.

Over the years, ICQ has earned the reputation as a trusted partner in worldwide professional development and management education that improves the immediate performance of long-term results. We currently offer over 100 high-caliber open enrolment programs, and have access to strategic partners.

Our multi-disciplinary team organization quickly tackle the key challenges of improve human resources management processes, personnel assessment and development.

Since our establishment in the year of 2000 we have quickly developed reputation as a leading designer of assessment and review of existing HRM policies and processes such as recruitment and selection, promotion, and remuneration, training and development, and the drafting of new job descriptions across the public sector.

Our longtime official presence in the country and our involvement in the public sector development is a credit for us in implementing consultancy service for the public sector at the central level and the states level

ICQ training is highly interactive participatory sessions and practical techniques that offer behavioral change that can be applied immediately at the work place.

ICQ seminar leaders are unique individuals; work in today’s competitive and challenging business world.

They include Internationally-acclaimed consultants; popular keynotes speakers and best seller’s authors.

They also offer the latest business theories.

The mission of ICQ is to assist public and private organizations as well as individuals to achieve their strategic vision and goals, and that through empowering them with world class training solutions, and consultancy services to attain a diversified Human development approach.

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